Curriculum Vitae

                            1983-1989      Associate Degree from The Basra Fine Arts Institute, Basra, Iraq

                              Solo Exhibitions

                              2007        "Witnesses"   Christoff Gallery, Georgetown, Seattle
                              2006        "War Fragments"  UW Odegaard Library, Seattle WA.
                              2005        "Escape Within"  Christoff Gallery, Georgetown, Seattle WA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011        “Gardens of Art,” benefit for the Seattle Art Museum, tip of Hunts Point, Hunts Point, WA
2011        "Sculpt:Reaveal" Bellevue Collage Gallery Space, Bellevue, WA.
2010        “Gardens of Art,” benefit for the Seattle Art Museum, The highlands, Seattle, WA
2009        “Glass, Metal & Stone” Matzke Fine Arts and design Camano     Island, WA 2009

1999-2010     “Arts Downtown” Puyallup, WA.

1998-2009     “International Stone Sculptors’ Symposia” Outdoors Show” Mount Vernon, WA.

2007          “Signatures”  Seattle Stonearium, Seattle,WA                                

                               2004                 "Stone Sculpture from Mantel to Garden" Lakewood Center, Lake Oswego, Oregon

                               2004               “Art Outdoors” San Juan Island, WA.
                               2003         “Roadside Studio Show” Mount Vernon, WA.
                               2002                 “Pratt Fine Arts Center Instructors’ Art Show” Phinney Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
                               2001         “Museum of the Art and sculpture park” San Juan Island, WA.
                               2000        “In the Beginning There Was Stone” Allied Arts Gallery, Bellingham, WA.


                                2008       “Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists”
                                2011     "A Labyrith to Joy" short documentary, produced and directed by  Travis Muller for the Seattle Channel.
                                2005   “My Saraab” short documentary, produced and directed by  Sarna Lapine. 
                                2003   “Chiseled from Marble, a Refuge from War News” New York Times. April 9th, 

Sabah was born in Nasriyah, Iraq.  At the age of fifteen he was accepted to the Institute of Fine Arts in Basra, Iraq, where he lived and received his training in classical art.  Al-Dhaher fled Iraq in 1991 due to his involvement in a failed uprising against the regime of Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf war.  After spending 2 ½ years in a refugee camp in the desert of Saudi Arabia he came to the USA as a political refugee in 1993. He been creating and exhibiting his work throughout the Northwest. Sabah’s story was chronicled in an article in the New York Times titled, A Nation at War:  Iraqi-Americans; Chiseled from Marble, a Refuge from War News, (April 6, 2003). 

                               Teaching Experience

                              2000 -present    Stone sculpture Pratt Fine Arts Center. Seattle WA
                              1998 - 2009       Figurative Sculpture, International sculpture Symposium, Mt. Vernon, WA
                              2005-2009        Stone carving, stone Fest, Marenakos Rock Center, Preston, WA
                              2006-2007        Figurative sculpture, California sculpture Symposium, Cambria, CA
                              2001                  Stone carving Whidbey Island Stone Carving Symposium Indoor Show"  Whidbey  Island,   WA 

                              Public Art

                              2006         Beginning bronze sculpture City of Puyallup, WA.
                              2002              Peace Sculpture, Marble and basalt sculpture Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Sabah Al-Dhaher

 13552 15th pl. NE, Seattle WA 98125